We offer intensive driving courses.

The simplest, fastest and most convenient way to pass your driving test.

Our mission is simple

It's to help you pass your driving test as quickly as possible and give you an amazing, hassle-free experience in the process.

That's no matter what level of driving knowledge or experience you have.

According to the latest Government survey, UK learners buy on average 52 hours of professional driving lessons and take about 14 months to pass their driving test.

But really, who wants to spend that long learning and waste all that money?

We offer a number of different intensive driving courses, which are carefully structured and expertly delivered.

Essentially, you can pass your test in a few days and start as early as next week.

With our intensives, you'll have 4 hours of lessons each day. The number of days you'll need before taking your test will depends on the course you choose and how much experience you have.

​Here are the intensive driving courses we offer...

12 hours

For experienced learners who want to complete their training.

Great if you've taken and failed a test before.



  • Easy booking
  • Great instructors
  • Free theory test      
    (if required)
  • Free practical
    driving test
2​0 hours

 For learners who've previously had
at least 20 hours
of driving lessons.

Ideal for anyone
after a
 fast pass.



  • Easy booking
  • Great instructors
  • Free theory test      
    (if required)
  • Free practical
    driving test
32 hours

Our standard course that's suitable for
most kinds of
learner drivers. 

This is perfect if
you've got a little
bit of experience.



  • Easy booking
  • Great instructors
  • Free theory test      
    (if required)
  • Free practical
    driving test
40 hours

Perfect for total beginners

and those who are low on confidence. 

It takes around 2 weeks to complete
the course.



  • Easy booking
  • Great instructors
  • Free theory test      
    (if required)
  • Free practical
    driving test

Why do we exist?

Our company was created because we think that most learners suffer a pretty rubbish time when they're learning to drive. 

From scheduling lessons to booking tests, learning the ropes to coping with confidence issues, it can all seem very frustrating, overwhelming and stressful.

And that's so wrong. It should be the complete opposite. 

Taking driving lessons is one of the most exciting and important things that we'll ever do in our lives. And passing your driving test is a moment you'll remember forever.

Which is why we do things differently to most driving schools.

What you get with us

Intensive driving
courses on your terms 

See all the available courses nearby and
schedule the sessions that work for you. 

An easy and simple
booking system

See local instructors and book your
course in just a couple of clicks.

Brilliant and flexible
driving instructors

Enjoy a course in an environment and with an approach that suits you.

Our promise to you

We put learner drivers at the heart of everything we do. It's ridiculous that we even have to say it, but we're here to make your life easier, not harder. 

Learning to drive is a big thing. There's a lot to learn and absorb, so it's vital that your learning experience is as straightforward as possible.

That's why we always put our customers first.

Booking your course

Use our tool to find a local intensive on the right date and at the right price. Then either book your sessions online or else give us a call, text or email to start learning to drive.

Learning to drive

We've assembled a crack team of flexible,
high-quality driving instructors who can teach anyone to drive, no matter how much skill, experience or confidence they have. 

Taking your tests

We do all the annoying stuff so that you can just concentrate on what's important: driving. So forget about your tests. We'll arrange and pay for both the theory and practical on most of our courses.

Basically, your happiness and satisfaction is our priority

Obviously we want you to pass your driving test in as short a time as possible and, with our expert team of driving instructors, we know you'll do just that.

But there's more to our service than just getting a thumbs-up from your tester.

We want you to have a seamless and hassle-free experience. From arranging and paying for your lessons through to taking your driving test, you won't have to worry about a thing.

5 steps to freedom. It's that easy.

Step 1. Find

Search for a local intensive
driving course near you.

Step 2. Book

Look at lesson availability and 
prices, then choose what you want.

Step 3. Over to us

We book the next quickest
available test in your area.

Step 4. Say hi

Your driving instructor
will contact you.

Step 5. Drive

The course begins. Then
you pass like a champ.


Years operating
in the industry


Driving tests
breezed through 


Aim: to make
UK roads safer


Of the UK is covered
by our instructors

You're in safe hands

We think that the general overall experience for anyone learning to drive is poor. Most driving schools and driving instructors don't do a good enough job.

Also, the current standard of driving in the UK is dreadful and must be improved.

We passionately believe that by improving the learning experience, we won't just make people happier - we'll also be developing better drivers.

Learn, Think, Drive was created because things can be done better. We are striving to build the best driving school in the world.

One that offers a smooth and enjoyable customer experience from start to finish.

One that has a team of driving instructors who are talented teachers, as well as drivers. Teachers who understand that everyone is different and will require personalised training.

One that gives learners the ability to use modern technology that will accelerate their understanding of key driving concepts.

And one that ultimately creates safer roads.

A totally transparent, 5-star service

We think that we set ultimate standard in driving instruction.

Our relationship is about getting you that pass in a safe and secure manner, as fast as possible. It's to prepare you for a lifetime of safe driving. 


We promise that you'll love learning to drive with us. In fact, we're so confident that we offer all our learners a 100% money back guarantee.

If you're unhappy with your intensive driving course, you can request your money back at any point within 48 hours of the course starting.

We're listed in the UK Business Directory and are completely reliable.

What our customers say about us...

I booked a week's intensive course. I had never driven before in my life and easily passed first time simply because of my fantastic driving instructor. He made everything seem so simply and learning was a really fun experience. I highly recommend these guys.


As a nervous driver, my driving instructor made me feel really relaxed and confident. To complete a week's intensive course and come out with a first-time pass with one minor fault was such an amazing feeling. These guys will get you through with no troubles.


An absolutely amazing, reliable company. My instructor  was so supportive, positive and patient. I had under 20 hours' worth of lessons but passed easily. I would recommend this driving school to anyone. Best decision I have ever made and I can't thank them enough.


Do you have any questions?

Learning to drive is a big thing, so if you need
any help, don't worry.

Please get in touch with us today.

Learning to drive is a big thing, so if you need any help, don't worry.

Please get in touch with us today.

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instructor? Teach with us.

 We can help you learn to drive and pass your test fast. Want to start as early as next week?