Block driving lessons: a guide to prices and availability

Learners usually choose block driving lessons for a good reason.


Maybe they need a fast pass for a new job opportunity or so that they can drive themselves to college or university.


Perhaps they’ve already started learning how to drive and they’re getting fed up with stagnant driving lessons.


They could even be eyeing up an intensive because they've failed a driving test in the past and want to get over the line as quickly as possible.


Whatever the motivation, crash courses are tempting because they deliver the goods fast. Does one of these scenarios sound familiar?


If so, you might be wondering how many sessions you’ll need, how much block driving lessons cost and where you can find them?


So, here’s the inside scoop…


How many lessons does it take to drive?


With normal driving lessons, on average, learners take 52 hours of tuition before they pass their test. With intensive courses, they don’t need nearly as much.


Complete beginners can learn to drive and pass their test with 40 hours of block driving lessons. Some people might even be able to do it in 32.


Learners who’ve had instruction before will need fewer lessons. 


They can choose between 12 and 32 hours of lesson time depending on their experience and level of comfort.


How much is a block of driving lessons?


Crash course prices vary depending on the intensive you choose and at Learn, Think, Drive, all our packages offer great value. 


Whether you’re looking for cheap intensive driving courses for beginners or after cost-effective refresher lessons for experienced learners, we’ll always help you save money.


Take the average Joe or Jane as a quick example. 


When they’re learning to drive, they’ll normally shell out a minimum of £1,248 (52 hours of driving lessons x £24, the average cost of a driving lesson in the UK). 


That price doesn’t include tests and the whole learning process will take at least a year.


Meanwhile, a block booking of 40 hours would cost a learner £1,375 to get their pass. That price includes both the theory (if required) and practical tests. Plus, everything would be done and dusted in 2 weeks.


In summary, intensives save you time, money and hassle.


What is the best intensive course?


The best intensive driving course is the one that suits your level of skill and experience, plus your ability to cope under pressure.


If you’re new to driving, one of the longer courses is needed. Much as you’d like to, you can’t expect to learn how to drive in a week from scratch and breeze through your test in 5 days flat.


By contrast, if you’ve had lessons before, one of the shorter courses will be more suitable. There’s no point having a long intensive because you don’t require as many lessons - these courses are just about plugging a few holes here and there.


Ultimately, there is no best intensive course as such. Assuming that you’ve found a reliable driving school with good reviews, the key to success is in picking the right course for you.


Where can I find block driving lessons near me?


The bigger the driving school, the wider the area it will cover. We offer block driving lessons all over the UK (we cover 99% of postcodes to be precise).


Basically, when you book with us, you’ll always be able to find a local course no matter where you live. Finding an intensive course near you is really simple.


Just head here and follow the instructions. And if you’ve got any questions, please fire away. We’re here to help.


Are block driving lessons worth it?


Intensive courses are incredible and solve a huge problem. They teach people how to do something complicated and frustrating in a short period of time.


Learning to drive is a big thing and intensive driving courses help pupils pass their test quickly, saving them time, money and hassle in the process.


Intensive lessons are available all over the country and so long as you can block out a week or two of your time to dedicate to a course, you’re good to go.

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