Using an intensive course to complete your training

If you’ve had driving lessons in the past and you’re thinking of booking yourself onto an intensive course to complete your training, that could be a good move. 


You see, not all intensive driving courses are for complete beginners.


In fact, many of them are specifically designed for learners who’ve had tuition before and desperately want to pass their test.


If you’ve got some driving experience and you’re wondering whether an intensive will work for you, we're here to help. There tend to be 3 main scenarios where a crash course can step in and save the day, so let us explain. 


Reason 1: You’re going nowhere with your regular lessons


If you’re having weekly lessons with a driving instructor, it’s very easy to slip into a routine, reach a plateau and find yourself stagnating.


Maybe it’s got something to do with how often you get behind the wheel. After all, it’s hard to push on as quickly as you’d like when you’re only driving for an hour or two every so often.


Perhaps your instructor can’t connect with you very well and you’re not getting lessons that are tailored to your strengths and weaknesses. 


Your instructor is probably teaching other pupils. Maybe they’re taking you out for spin immediately after someone else and it’s hard for them to focus accurately on your progress.


Perhaps they can’t understand what you’re capable because they only see you every so often.


Whatever the reason, don’t be like most UK learners, who take over a year to pass their test and waste a lot of money taking pointless lessons. 


If you’re getting fed up with doing the same old thing every session and you don’t feel like you’re constantly progressing towards your test, you should stop.


Instead, take an intensive driving course for experienced pupils – that will fill in the gaps, bring you up to speed and help you pass your test quickly.


After all, as Einstein once said, the definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.


Reason 2: You’ve failed a driving test in the past 


Failing a driving test isn’t nice, but the pass rate in the UK is about 46%. In other words, over half of all learners fail their test, so if this has happened to you, you’re definitely not alone.


You still desperately want to pass your test and drive, so the key thing is to decide what to do next. Do you want to go back to your old instructor? Because that didn’t work out last time.


Are you going to have additional lessons with a different driving school? That’s an option, but there’s no guarantee that more of the same won’t mean getting another fail.


There’s the cost issue of scheduling more sessions as well, since you won’t really know how many lessons you’ll need next time around. Once again, you’ll have to blindly take your instructor’s lead and hope that they know what they’re doing.


And aside from the money, what about the time implications? Just the thought of taking more lessons for months on end is depressing enough.


However, an intensive driving course that's been created precisely for learners who have failed one or more tests is a brilliant alternative.


Reason 3: You’ve taken driving lessons a while ago and stopped


Many people start learning to drive and are put off driving for some reason, causing them to temporarily abandon their L-plates for a while. 


That could be because of a failed test, a bad experience with a driving instructor or perhaps a crisis of confidence from something that's gone wrong. 


If this sounds like you, it doesn’t really matter why you've stopped learning to drive as we have a number of refresher courses that will repair any damage and get you over the line.


These intensive courses have been created to get you back behind the wheel, touch up on the basics and get you to where you need to be.


Our driving instructors are incredibly experienced. They’ve seen everything before and there’s nothing that they can’t fix.


Trust us, an intensive course will get the job done


There are many flaws with taking traditional driving lessons. 


Driving is a complex thing to master and pupils understandably want to learn everything as quickly as possible so that they can pass their test and hit the road without delay.


Mixing infrequent and ineffective tuition with impatient learners isn’t going to end well. However, we can take what you already know about driving and make this happen.


Whatever your level of experience, our intensives will complete your training once and for all. That pass is within your reach. 

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