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Intensive Driving Courses: The Ultimate Guide

Intensive driving courses are the quickest way to pass your driving test.

Basically, with an intensive driving course, you can learn to drive and pass your test in a week or two instead of taking months (or even years) to pass.

But there's plenty you should know about intensives, so we've created this complete guide to help you decide whether an intensive driving course will be right for you.

Either click to the section that interests you the most or settle back, put your feet up and start reading to get fully clued up.

What are intensive driving courses?

An intensive driving course is designed to help learners pass their test as quickly as possible, much faster than by taking normal driving lessons.

According to the latest Government survey, UK learners buy on average 52 hours of professional driving lessons and take around 14 months to pass their driving test.

With a more intensive lesson schedule, it's possible to drastically cut down on the amount of time and money required to pass your test.

However, in order to do this, training in intensive driving courses needs to be carefully structured and expertly delivered.

You may also hear intensive driving courses referred to as crash courses, a driving crash course or crash course driving lessons.

And it's not to be confused with an advanced driving course or the Pass Plus. This is an optional course some drivers choose to take after they've passed their test to further enhance their driving skills and reduce their insurance premiums.

Our intensive course process works like this:

Step 1: Choose the right intensive driving course for you

Think about how much driving experience you have and how many hours of lessons you're likely to need. If you're unsure, get in touch with us here and we'll advise you.

Step 2: Choose a date and reserve your spot

Choose a preferred starting date and either pay a deposit or the full amount. Either save 10% instantly by booking online or give us a call on 0333 444 0281 if you prefer.

Step 3: We then book your tests

Now it's over to us. We arrange and pay for both your theory test (if needed) and your practical driving test. We'll book in the earliest possible tests possible.

Step 4: Say hi to your instructor

Next, you'll be assigned a driving instructor. They'll be in touch to say hello and to arrange for your first lesson on your intensive course. 

Step 5: Pay the outstanding balance (if applicable)

If you originally paid a deposit, when your intensive is about to start, it's time to pay the remaining balance of your course. This will be paid to your driving instructor.

Step 6: Get behind the wheel

It's time to turn the ignition on and get driving. You'll be having 4 hours of driving tuition either on consecutive days or on a pre-agreed schedule.

Step 7: Pass your test like a champ

The course is fully completed and then you take your practical driving test, which we booked in and paid for previously. And, of course, you totally pass it. Now, you're free.

Why should I pick Learn, Think, Drive for my intensive driving course?

Basically, because you'll get terrific value and an awesome service. It takes a great deal of skill to deliver an intensive, especially one that can turn a complete beginner and into a qualified driver in just one week.

Our team of driving instructors has the specialist expertise and required experience to deliver highly effective intensive driving courses, having successfully taught 1,000s of rookie learners how to drive in just 5 days flat.

Moreover, they know how to adapt to every type of personality and create the right learning environment for you. We know that passing your test is the ultimate aim, but we think driving is fun and we want you to enjoy your course.

And don't forget that we always put our learners first. From booking lessons to tests, you won't have any hassles or annoying admin. Learning to drive is a process, but we'll do all the heavy lifting.

Let's be blunt for a moment.

Quite simply, the stats don’t lie. If you’d like to pass your test quickly, no one does it better than Learn, Think, Drive.

How long is an intensive driving course?

It depends on the course. We cater for all different skill and experience levels by offering a 12, 16, 20, 24, 32 and 40-hour intensive driving course, plus a specific pass-in-a-week option.

But because every learner is different, we can be flexible by adding or removing sessions and either condensing or spreading out your course to suit.

For instance, if you breeze through your course with lessons to spare, any unused hours will be refunded to you. Equally, if you require a few extra hours to be added to your course, that's no problem either.

(Please allow up to 21 working days for refunds to be processed.)

And we don't have to stick to a rigid schedule, either. If you'd like to learn to drive and pass your test in 5 days, but you actually need the course to spill into a second week, it's all good.

You're in full control and we'll work around your schedule.

Regardless of how the course plays out, each intensive requires learners to drive for 4 hours a day. Sessions usually start at either 8am or 1pm. Start times can be changed if required, but this must be arranged in advance.

Nevertheless, having 4 hours of tuition is key. Any more and the instructions lose effectiveness as the student reaches a natural plateau for the day and stops assimilating information. 

Am I guaranteed to pass my test with an intensive driving course?

We get asked whether we can guarantee that our pupils will get a pass their driving test more than anything else. The guaranteed pass is one of the biggest myths in the industry.

No driving school can conduct a driving test. Driving tests are always carried out by independent government testers, so no driving school can guarantee a pass.

Be extremely wary of any driving school that promises a guaranteed pass, because it's simply not possible.

So, although we’re super-confident in our driving instructors, there is a slight risk that you'll fail.

That said, you'll certainly be prepared for your test. The intensive driving course will consist of laser-focused lessons with a qualified instructor and they’ll teach you everything you need to know.

So, whilst we can’t guarantee you’ll pass with 100% certainty, we’ve done this enough times to be very confident in our ability to train and prepare any learner driver thoroughly.

If I buy an intensive, do I have to pay for my driving test?

No. A daytime test costs £62 and an evening or weekend test costs £75, but for all of our courses, we’ll organise and pay for your test to say thanks for putting your trust in us.

If I take an intensive, when will my practical driving test take place?

Clearly, we’ll try and arrange for your test to take place as soon as possible after completing your intensive course, but obviously we can’t guarantee exactly when that test date will be.

No driving school can.

We'll apply for your driving test as soon as you've booked your intensive course with us, so much will depend on how far ahead of time you book your course. 

If you book an intensive and your course is due to start in less than 8 weeks’ time, there may be a slight delay between finishing the course and taking your test.

If you were booking a driving test yourself using the Government's online tool, on average, it'll take 6-8 weeks to come through. But we check the DVSA database every 5 minutes for cancellations, which means we can usually get you a test in a few days.

However, it's worth noting that your practical test could be delayed if you haven’t already passed a theory test. Please note that to take a practical driving test, every learner must have first passed a theory test.

What happens if I fail my intensive driving course?

As unlikely as it is, if you fail your test, we've got a tried and tested plan for you to follow to make sure that it doesn't happen again.

Basically, you should take a couple of days off and forget about driving for a moment or two.

Then, when you're over the initial disappointment, give us a call so that we can talk through everything with you and your driving instructor, to properly analyse what went wrong, create a new plan and schedule some more lessons.

We have a 12-hour intensive course that's specifically designed to help learners who've failed a driving test get over the line.

Aside from a practical driving test, what other tests will I need to take?

Every learner must take and pass a Theory Test before he or she can take a practical driving test.

We created a guide to passing the Theory Test but basically, it comprises of 2 parts.

In the first section...

You’ll have 57 minutes to answer 50 multiple choice questions.

To pass this part of the test, you need to answer at least 43 questions correctly.

In the second section...

You'll tackle the Hazard Perception Test. With this, you’ll watch 14 video clips featuring everyday road scenes.

Each clip has at least one developing hazard and one of them has two. You’ll get points for spotting the hazards as they start to occur. There are 75 points available.

To pass this part of the theory test, you’ll need to gather at least 44 points.

You can either take the Theory Test before starting your intensive driving course with us or during it and there's no right or wrong approach.

If you take your theory test before starting an intensive course, it’s out the way and you’ll have a bit of helpful background knowledge before you take to the wheel.

If you'd like to do that, please book your Theory Test and get in touch with us when you've passed it. You can book it online, but it must be taken at a dedicated Theory Test centre.

There are 160 centres nationwide and you can find out your nearest one by entering your postcode here.

If you take your Theory Test during your intensive, you’ll probably find passing easier. We’ll also arrange it for you and cover the cost (normally £23).

This option is fine as well, but it can throw up a couple of potential issues that are worth thinking about.

As you know, your Theory Test must be taken and passed before you're able to take your practical. So, if your Theory Test is scheduled after the practical test, we'll have to rearrange the practical. 

Again, that's not a big deal, but please understand that might mean there's a slight delay between completing the intensive driving course and passing your test.

Also, if we book the Theory Test for before your practical and you were to fail your Theory Test, we’d have to cancel your practical test and rearrange it for another date.

It would obviously need to be taken after your rearranged Theory Test and this would cause another delay.

In this scenario, we would require payment for the rearranged practical test. A daytime practical test costs £62, while an evening or weekend test costs £75.

Who can take an intensive driving course?

Anyone can take an intensive driving course so long as they hold a provisional driving license in either Great Britain or Northern Ireland.

You can apply for a provisional driving license when you’re 15 years and 9 months old, but you won’t be able to take any driving lessons or intensive driving courses until you’re 17.

 You can apply for a provisional driving license on the official GOV UK website. Just ensure that you’re able to:

  • Read a number plate from 20 metres away.
  • Show a form of ID, such as a passport.
  • Present proof of address for the last 3 years.
  • Pay £34 by credit or debit card.

When you’ve done those things, your provisional licence should be with you in a week.

Speaking less technically for a moment, anyone can take an intensive driving course regardless of how much driving experience he or she has.

Most intensive driving courses are designed to take someone with zero knowledge to pass their test quickly, so don’t worry if you’ve not driven before.

If you're in any doubt as to the application process, check out our guide on learning to drive.

How much do intensive driving courses cost?

Intensive driving course prices vary depending on how long your course is. 

Generally speaking, you’ll be looking at between £565-£1,375 for a course. See below for a quick overview of all our intensives.

If you're not sure what kind of course you need, please give us a call on 0333 444 0281, tell us a bit about your driving experience and we'd be happy to give you some friendly advice.

Our intensive driving courses


Pass in a week

This is our ultimate intensive driving course. Not got time to waste? Learn to drive and pass your test in 5 days. It includes both the theory test (if needed) and the practical test. 

This is our most popular intensive course.


Failed test recovery

This 12-hour course is for experienced learners and is particularly great for people who have taken and failed a driving test before. It includes a practical test.

Use this intensive to complete your training.


16 hours

Some learners will have had a decent amount of driving lessons and, if that's you, this course is ideal. We'll organise and pay for any tests as part of the deal.

It's time to finish what you've started.


20 hours

If you've had at least 20 hours of driving lessons already and would like to get over the line, then this is a perfect solution and we'll get you over the line fast.

You've come a long way, so let's get this done.


24 hours

If you're unsure of a few fundamentals and need some guidance, a 24-hour intensive course will often be enough to smooth over any knowledge gaps. Any tests are included.

You've made a start and we'll get you that pass. 


32 hours

This is our standard intensive course, one that's suitable for most kinds of learner drivers. The price includes both the theory test (if needed) and the practical driving test. 

Most people will be perfect for this.


40 hours

Our comprehensive 40-hour intensive is for total beginners and learner drivers who might be low on confidence. The course includes any tests that you might need.

Ready to go from zero to hero super-fast?


We’re not the cheapest driving school around, but let us point out a couple of things. You're potentially saving a lot of money with an intensive because you're having less lessons.

On average, UK learners buy 52 hours of lessons and take around 14 months to pass their driving test. That adds up to quite a lot, especially if you live in an area where instructors charge £35 per lesson.

With our intensives, you get more assurance, convenience and quality. Peace of mind, if you like.

There will always be an instructor or driving school somewhere that will offer cheap driving lessons or cheap crash courses. That's not us - we’re not interested in a race to the bottom. 

We’re confident in the quality of our training and our prices reflect the satisfaction that you’ll get.

And besides, you don't have to pay off the entire course in one lump sum. You can if want to, but you can also just pay a deposit to reserve your spot and pay the rest off when the course begins.

The only time you can't do this is if you want to book a course that starts within 30 days. Because of the close deadline, in those circumstances, we ask for the course to be paid in full right away.

Please note that if you pay a deposit and cancel your course within 30 days of it starting, the deposit cannot be refunded.

What do you learn on an intensive driving course?

It rather depends on whether you have any previous driving experience or not. And if you do, how much?

Clearly, a driving instructor must cover the same information on an intensive driving course as they would through more conventional driving lessons.

From safety checks to maneuvering, junctions to roundabouts, overtaking to hazard awareness, everything you’d expect will be covered.

That said, our instructors are trained to quickly ascertain what a learner is good at and what they need to work on. As such, because time is tight, they’ll tend to focus on areas that must be improved.

Why are intensive driving courses good?

There are loads of reasons why intensives are awesome, but let’s start with the obvious one:


You’ll pass your test fast. Sometimes that'll be within a week, but it'll always be quicker that it would if you'd have taken traditional driving lessons.

People often wonder how long it takes to learn how to drive. Unfortunately, there’s no definitive answer. It depends on the learner, their natural ability and their level of motivation.

On average, UK learners buy 52 hours of driving lessons and take around over a year to pass their test.

Whether you need to pass your test for a job, travelling to college or university, or if you just want some independence and freedom, who wants to learn for over a year?

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with taking a relaxed approach and taking your time, but such a lengthy commitment isn’t for everyone.

When met with an alternative, most people would choose the quickest option and with an intensive course, you could hook up with an instructor as early as next week and pass your test within a few days.

But there's also the money side of things.

At first glance, intensive driving courses can seem expensive. But when you drill down into the numbers, they usually end up being a much cheaper option (even if you don't realise it at the time).

" Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle."

Napoleon Hill

Finally, the other awesome thing about intensives is, because the practical test is taken when all the knowledge is still fresh, pass rates are usually extremely high.

If you've been learning to drive for 14 months (like the national average), then can you really remember everything you were taught in the beginning?

What's the downside to taking an intensive driving course?

The main issue with intensive driving courses is that learners don’t pick up as much driving experience as they would if they were heading out on the road regularly over a longer period of time.

Passing your test quickly is great, but it seems that the speed of convenience does come at a price. 

It's not disastrous, since you wouldn't legally be allowed to take an intensive course if it were a huge problem. This won’t affect your ability to pass your test, but it’s nevertheless something to remember.

But there's no denying that from coping with various weather conditions to coming across different hazards, you’ll come across much less variation and exposure in one week than you will over a year.

In addition to that, it’s a question of the learning environment. Put simply, some people find intensive driving courses too much.

Going from zero driving experience to suddenly sitting behind the wheel for 4 hours a day for 5 days straight can be overwhelming and tiring. 

Again, it's not a massive thing. Most people cope just fine, but it’s just worth thinking about before you commit to an intensive driving course.

Are intensive driving courses right for me? How will I know?

An intensive driving course isn’t for everyone. It’s can seem a little extreme at times, so you should consider how good you are at coping with pressure.

Of course, if you’ve got a little bit of driving experience, then that will help. But really, so long as you know what you’re getting into and can demonstrate enthusiasm, then that’s half the battle.

Also, if you have a specific need to pass your test quickly then that will serve as great inspiration.

Perhaps you need to be able to drive a car to college, travel to and from university, or commute to a new job, for instance.

Regardless, so long as you can commit to the time, an intensive driving course will be the perfect choice for you. And it goes without saying that if you'd like a friendly chat about what intensives are like before booking anything, then give us a call anytime on 0333 444 0281.

You should be sure before you book yourself onto an intensive driving course. If you cancel your course once it has started, all lessons needs to be fully paid for and there will be no refunds.

What if my intensive driving course becomes too much for me?

We offer 12, 16, 20, 24, 32 and 40-hour intensive driving courses, as well as a specific pass-in-a-week course.

If during your intensive driving course, you feel that you can’t handle the training, there is some flexibility. It’s possible to stretch the lessons out over a longer period.

However, please note that once your intensive course has started, any kind of adaption is entirely at the discretion of your driving instructor.

If your driving instructor is unable to accommodate your wishes, you must either complete the course or end it without a refund.

The best option is to agree how you'd like your intensive to play out before it begins. If you're a little worried about it being too much, suggested lengthening the course.

For instance, suppose you wanted to take our pass-in-a-week course but you didn't think 5 consecutive days of 4-hour driving lessons (followed by a test) was a good idea.

Well, book yourself in and let's stretch it out over 2 weeks. You'd still be passing your test quickly and the semi-intensive nature will probably be a better fit.  

What are your driving instructors like?

Technically speaking, all our driving instructors are CRB checked and fully qualified to DVSA standards and have all the skills needed to deliver an effective intensive course.

But we carefully handpick our instructors to ensure that they great teachers too. 

They’re able to connect with learners and quickly ascertain what they’re good at and what needs work.

Everyone learns differently and we all have different things that we’re good at, including elements within driving.

Our driving instructors know how to tailor a formal agenda to you and develop a week’s training that’s both personalised and fun. 

What kind of car will I learn in?

We have a huge range of manual and automatic cars to learn in. They all come fully air conditioned and with power steering, electric mirrors, windows and suchlike.

They also have dual controls for safety.

Can I have an intensive driving course in a manual and automatic car?

Yes, it's possible to take a manual or automatic course. However, it's important to  bear in mind your long-term driving goals. 

Because you don’t have to worry about gears, clutch control and the like, driving an automatic car is much easier. As a result, you can’t drive a manual car until you’ve passed a manual test.

Therefore, you should only choose automatic driving lessons if you’re 100% sure that you’ll be driving an automatic car when you pass your test.

Can I have an intensive driving course in my own car?

No, unfortunately you can’t. Some driving schools allow this, but we’ve found that allowing learners to have courses in their own vehicles to be a logistical nightmare.

 For starters, there’s a safety issue, since your car won’t have dual controls. 

But there’s also the problem of checking that you have the right insurance and ensuring the vehicle is roadworthy. Ultimately, it’s both easier and better to use one of our cars.

When I take my course, can I be picked up and dropped off at different places?

Definitely. You’re the customer and our service is designed to work around your needs.

Should you need to be picked up and dropped off at certain locations, please liaise with your driving instructor.

Where can I find intensive driving courses near me?

Although our head office is in Bournemouth, we operate all over the UK and offer intensive driving courses in 99% of postcodes. 

You always be able to find a local Learn, Think, Drive course (either a manual or automatic intensive driving course) near you. But you don't have to look - we'll do all the heavy lifting.

Just book yourself in on the course you want, pay the deposit and we'll handle everything.

How do I book an intensive driving course with you?

Booking an intensive is very straightforward.

Simply head here and choose the course you'd like. If you're not sure what you need, please get in touch and we'll give you some advice.

You can book yourself in by either paying for the course outright or paying a deposit.

Either way, you can do it online (and instantly save yourself 10% of the total cost of the course) or by calling us on 0333 444 0281.

Regardless, when payment has gone through, it’s go time. We'll book in your test, confirm everything and then an instructor will call you to arrange your first lesson. 

If you've only paid a deposit, once the course starts, just pay the balance. Then it's time to get behind the wheel and switch on the ignition.

Other common FAQs

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My instructor hasn't contacted me. What should I do?

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Can I cancel my theory or practical tests?

Do I have to pay for the entire course in one go?

What our customers say about us...

I booked a week's intensive course. I had never driven before in my life and easily passed first time simply because of my fantastic driving instructor. He made everything seem so simply and learning was a really fun experience. I highly recommend these guys.


I passed today, first time. My instructor constantly reassured me and gave me the confidence I needed. His tips and hint made everything a piece of cake. I would certainly recommend Learn, Think, Drive and one week was all it took for me to conquer driving.


My driving instructor was everything I could have asked for in a teacher: motivating, positive, knowledgeable and friendly. I had put off driving for many years due to confidence issues and within a few weeks I passed my practical test on the first attempt. 


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Learning to drive is a big thing, so if you need
any help, don't worry.

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Learning to drive is a big thing, so if you need any help, don't worry.

Please get in touch with us today.

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