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Learning to drive and committing to a driving instructor or driving course is a big thing in anyone's life. As such, you've probably got a whole bunch of questions that you'd like answering. And that's cool.  

You see, your happiness is something we take very seriously. Quite simply, we want you to have a brilliant and hassle-free learning experience with us.

We've tried to answer the most common questions that we get asked about intensive driving courses in that specific area of our website.

But just in case there's something on your mind that we've not covered, please feel free to get in touch. You can call us, send an email or fill out our online form below. 

We offer intensive driving courses all over the UK, but our head office is in Southampton and you can even write to us there if you're old-school.

Whatever you choose, we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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My instructor made learning to drive interesting, entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable. The customer service at Learn, Think, Drive was fantastic and the prices were brilliant. I can't fault them on anything. Many thanks to my teacher and the Learn, Think, Drive team.


I couldn't be happier with my learning experience. My instructor  was incredibly calm and professional. He took me through every element of the test and gave me the confidence and belief to pass first time. Perfect little car as well, very modern and well-kept. 


I instantly warmed to my instructor. He talked me through the ins and outs of driving by using a little story or two. He would inspire anyone and make them want to drive better. This, I believe, is what an instructor should do. Highly recommended.


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